At Brookvale Dental,

if your appointment is running late, we’ll give you $50 off

(Thankfully, this barely happens.)

The Best Dentist in Brookvale

There’s a reason at Brookvale Dental, we like being a small practice. That’s because being small means:

Flexible appointments:

we don’t overbook, and we don’t believe in long waiting lists. Urgent or not, we’re here when you need us

Friendly staff:

ready to greet you with a smile, answer questions and really get to know you

Free onsite parking:

making each appointment stress-free

A dentist who’s happy to give you his direct number:

because Dr Allan stands by his work and cares about his patients

You’re always in control :

we go at your pace, check in with you at every step and never recommend treatments or products you don’t want or need.

A place where you’re always welcome:

with staff who don’t need to look you up on a computer to remember who you are

Yes, we like to be busy, but we love being small. It allows us to give you the before and after care you deserve, in a clinic where everyone knows your name and puts you first.

Whether it’s consultations, pain-free injections, and treatments, or being transparent and honest in everything we do, Brookvale Dental is your local dentist where you’re always welcome and always in control.

And because we’re a small team, we’re really good at keeping appointments running on time. In fact, if we ever run late, we’ll give you $50 off your appointment just to say sorry (which barely happens).


“Allan does not miss anything at all. That’s one of the reasons I’m sticking to Allan…..”


“Great people here, willing to put an extra mile…..”

Smiles delivered

Appointments started on time


Relaxed experience enjoyed


We Make Getting a Beautiful, Healthy Smile as Easy as…


“Allan has a very gentle hand. You have great confidence in knowing exactly what he’s doing. He explains to you every step of the way…..”


“Very good because at least the problem gets fixed. And you don’t have any aching tooth again…..”


“I’ve found the staff very warm and welcoming. I really appreciate the way that they follow up…..”


We hear you … check out the following:

Do you really run on time?

At Brookvale Dental, our patients enjoy a relaxed feeling where you’re never rushed. That means if something unexpected turns up, we’ve already allowed for that.

Yes, we really do run on time. In fact, out of literally thousands of appointments since we’ve been here, we’ve only paid our $50 on-time guarantee twice. Bottom line, if you visit us, you know you’re going to run on time.

Where can I find parking?
Limited patient parking is available via Charlton Lane. The boom gate is located on the Sydenham Rd side of Charlton Lane. When you arrive at the boom gate, please call us on (02) 9905 3038 and we will open the gate for you.

What if the parking is full?
If there is no patient parking, the surrounding streets have free 1 hour parking. There is also a free council car park with a 2 hour limit. Access is via Chard Rd. As you drive up Chard Rd towards Pittwater Rd, the council car park is located on your right.
Where are you located?

We located on a corner block and are upstairs from award-winning The Brooky Pie. We are located directly opposite Col Crawford Kia (formerly Col Crawford Holden). The address is 11/650 Pittwater Rd, Brookvale 2100.