Why do some kids hate brushing?

27 June 2020/0/0/

If you have a child who loves brushing, congratulations! You are the envy of many parents/caregivers! But some kids really do not enjoy brushing. There are a few reasons: They dislike the taste of mint toothpaste. They are growing up. If you ask them to brush they will say no just to push the boundaries. [...]


Will I like my (new) dentist?

12 March 2020/0/0/

Something timely and relevant with Brookvale Dental undergoing some changes! When you change your doctor, hairdresser or go to a new nail salon, there is always that air of uncertainty. Same thing with dentists! What is he/she like? Are they gentle? Caring? Do they explain things? Are they good?    These questions can be answered [...]