Your First Visit

We like to book 60min for your visit. It sounds like a long time but we like to perform all of the following:

Discussion of your past treatment

Don’t worry if you can’t remember! The reason we like to do this is to get an idea of where your teeth are at and to see what you understand about your own teeth. Some people know that their teeth are ‘chalky’. Others know that they grind/clench their teeth. By getting this out in the open, we can have an open discussion with the need for ‘lecturing’.  

Oral cancer and gum screen

According to the World Cancer Research Fund, oral cancers (cancers of the mouth, pharynx and larynx) are the seventh most frequent type of cancer worldwide. So it makes sense that while we’re looking at your teeth, we also check the rest of your mouth.

Jaw joint assessment

Some people have clicking jaws when opening and closing. Although it is largely painless, some experience so much discomfort that eating becomes a problem. If there are any issues, we’ll discuss your options together.

Baseline photos of all of your teeth

We love taking photos of your teeth because it gives us a visual picture of what they look like now and we can compare them to photos down the track. It also shows you what we can see so that we are all on the same page.

Accurate records of your current teeth

We will digitally and safely record what we see and describe it to you in language you will understand. That way, there is no misunderstanding about the current state of your teeth.

Assessment of the current state of your teeth

If there are any things that are of concern we will give you our honest assessment, and show you with digital photos. We are proud to say that we do not recommend treatment. We prefer to present you the options with their pros and cons then let you decide. As long as you understand each option, we are here to support you in your decision!